Xiaomi Redmi Mi Airdots Review

Xiaomi Redmi Airdots Review

Indeed, we are slowly moving into a world of advanced technology, especially in terms of mobile phones and accessories. Specifically, smartphone manufacturers are coming up with cutting edge technology each year to add more value to their products for better user experience. Headphones are also seeing an evolution from the traditional wire connected ones to Bluetooth to now wireless ones. Before starting the Xiaomi Redmi Mi Airdots Review why wireless the first question back in the mind?

Yes, wireless headphones are the new thing that is driving a new craze among users. Keeping this likeness of users for wireless headphones, we see many already available options. Xiaomi, a leading mobile phone company has come up with its finest wireless headphones soon to be available in the market.
Yes, we are talking about the incredible Xiaomi Airdots, which will be the latest trend in the market of wireless headphones
The product name may differ because, in some region, the Redmi AirDots is known as the Mi True Wireless Earbuds Basic.

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Image: Mi.com


The package is different and I personally like the colors on the box which is blue and white instead of signature colors of Xiaomi or Redmi’s regular packages.

Xiaomi Redmi Mi Airdots Review box front view

At the back, we’ve its specs listed. It’s written in Chinese language and I’ve no clue what it means.

Xiaomi Redmi Mi Airdots Review box back view

At the side, it is highlighted that the Redmi AirDots is using Bluetooth 5.0


Xiaomi Redmi Mi Airdots Review-2

The Redmi Airdots is nothing fancy in terms of product design. It comes in the pure plastic black body which looks cool in terms of view.
The Airdots are also made of plastic and shape is very generic, with pills like round edges which feels like a feather in terms of weight.
You only get two different sized ear tips inside the AirDots packaging. Wearing Airdots experience is good I found the stock ear tips are comfortable for me.


In terms of features, the Mi Airdots have buttons on each bud and it and you can turn on/off, enter pairing mode, & even factory reset. When you are listing to music these buttons will restrict to play/pause on once pressed and holding the button will bring up Google Assistance. The right side of Xiaomi Redmi Mi Airdots is considered as “Master Side”. You’ve to connect you Airdots through the right side to have the audio on the left as well.

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Sound Quality:

Xiaomi Redmi Mi Airdots Review-3

The most important aspect of wireless earbuds. This is the reason which I paid for and I’m not going to miss the beats of my music at all. The sound quality in Redmi Airdots is pretty decent when it doesn’t have noise cancellation but don’t worry the Airdots fits the ear and restrict the background noise to the great extent, Thanks to the design. I’m pretty much impressed with the sound quality Airdots are delivering its heavy on bass while maintaining a flow of treble. If pricing is a factor then you also the quality which is quite surprising in this range.

Battery Life:

Xiaomi Redmi Mi Airdots Review-3

When it comes to power, it can last for more than 4 hours before it says goodbye completely. I think this is acceptable your ears need rest too. The colors from red to white indicates it’s charged to its full extent and ready to use. You can use Micro USB to charge the device.

Wrapping up the Xiaomi Redmi Mi Airdots Review:

Xiaomi Redmi Mi Airdots Review -5

For the price of just $22.49 USD at GearBest or 1,800 INR on Banggood, I give Airdots a big thumbs up just to manufacture these cheap price earbuds when you want to go wireless without sacrificing your love to music. Kudos to Redmi for achieving it again with a pair of Bluetooth earbuds. I highly recommend it – Go and try them out they are definitely which you don’t want to miss right now in the market.

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