Paatal Lok Review – A series made in the heaven of quality content

Paatal Lok Review

Paatal Lok – Amazon Prime’s answer to Sacred Games

Review by: Gourav Srivastav

A series with a plot so intriguing that it forces one to binge-watch. The series focuses on the real scenarios of present times and showcases in an orderly fashion that cannot be overlooked. Every episode ends on a cliff hanger to get the viewer hooked on and rewards them in a brilliant way.

Paatal Lok Plot:

A big name in TV media is the objective of a gathering of assassins. For what reason would they like to murder him? Who is behind everything? The case is given over to a skeptical, seen-it-all, from the worst neighborhood in town cop, and as he begins burrowing, surprising associations between the most impossible individuals in the most far-fetched places fire springing up.

Paatal Lok Review

Paatal Lok is molded as a wrongdoing thrill ride cum-police procedural set principally in Delhi, turning off into a few strings, some extremely strong, a couple similarly powerless, however figuring out how to keep its hang on us. Weaving in mindfulness and acknowledgment of contemporary India makes it political, and hoists it: Paatal Lok is exquisitely composed, quick-paced, and immersing experience.

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About the show:

The show begins on a note of being a typical Noir thriller and then takes sharp turns in the process.  The show has some of its roots in a mythology that lands right on target by the time the last episode wraps up. The dark nature of the show blends perfectly well with the setting in Delhi which acts as a suitable layer to the plot.

Special mention needs to go to the Producer Anushka Sharma, who has fine taste, coincidentally, hasn’t wandered excessively far from her stable of partners. Paatal Lok is made by her NH10 author Sudip Sharma, co-coordinated by Avinash Arun and Prosit Roy (Pari), with NH10 director Navdeep Singh credited as ‘content specialist’. Singh, specifically, has indicated a fondness for film noir and Westerns before — both are classifications that Paatal Lok whittles down.

Characters and Performances in Paatal Lok :

The characters in the series do not seem to be blown out of proportion. They are all grounded to reality with extremely harsh backgrounds and a victim of circumstances. The central Character is Hathi Ram Chaudhury, who played to perfection by the brilliant Jaideep Ahlawat is a policeman is handed a case that could make his career worth. A career-best performance with all the emotions in the right place. Jaideep Ahlawat deserves as many allocate as he could.

The plot revolves around the assassination attempt of a renowned journalist Sanjeev Mehra, portrayed exquisitely by Neeraj Kabi who sinks his teeth into the character. He is a typical Indian journalist with a lot of controversies surrounding him making him an important assassination target to create political unrest in the country.

The central characters are extremely well supported by a range of interesting and engaging characters like Ansari, a Muslim police officer with the zeal and zest of doing something great for the department. Played well by Ishwak Singh and leaves a mark in the minds of the viewers. Swastika Mukherjee and Gul Panag play the spouses of the central characters and provide some of the interesting husband-wife moments in the series which are both funny and intense.

We need to talk about Abhishek Banerjee who did not have many dialogues to say yet provided an exceptional performance as Vishal Tyagi, aka Hathoda Tyagi (a cold-hearted assassin by the name of the weapon of choice). He talks with his eyes and that is enough to create a sense of terror within the viewers.

Our Take:

Amazon Prime leaves no stone unturned to make this show a gritty, violent, and engaging to say the least. A maze of multiple scenarios and characters creates an intriguing plot with twists at every corner. The reveals are worth the wait. Character developments are intelligently handled and showcased. Performances are at par with any of the best Indian shows on OTT platforms.

We need to take time and support the fact the Indian creators are on par with the International level if given the right options. The show doesn’t have any major star power backing it other than Anuskha Sharma (as a producer) & yet it makes a point where it lands at the Top Position on Amazon Prime India.

A MUST WATCH FOR ALL specially DOG LOVERS. Go Figure it out.
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