BARD OF BLOOD Season 1 Review – Emraan Hashmi’s Netflix Spy Drama Hits & Misses

bard of blood review

Bard Of Blood Premise:

An Indian fictional spy thriller web television series based on the 2015 espionage novel of the same name by Bilal Siddiqi. It is a seven-episode series that revolves around the story of an ex-RAW operator. We’re starting the Bard of Blood review brace yourself.

Bard of blood- Netflix Show


An Espionage Drama:

The arrangement prevails with regards to demonstrating to us the human side of government operatives. It uncovered their habits, shortcomings, and motivations. While they are typically portrayed as inhumane professional killers, they are really fit for cherishing somebody and deserving of being adored simply like some other individual. That I believe is the best quality of Bard of Blood. Simultaneously it advises us that the dangers these covert agents face throughout each and every day are on the whole genuine.


The stellar cinematography was something to notice. Since it hasn’t been shot in Balochistan, the exotic and haunting feel lures throughout the series. Such beautiful locales of Leh and Rajasthan hasn’t been explored before and cinematographer didn’t shy away from expanding the reach through various aerial shots. The look and feel of the series clearly match international standards and indicates the high production value.


Ribhu Dasgupta coordinates the action scenes with style – and there is bounty in this covert operative spine chiller. The scenes end with what they expect is a snare, the more of one-cut scenes that bring out the best. There are plenty which gives a flair of showcasing the complexities of the scenarios our agents are in.

On the off chance that you wind up still inquisitive enough to click onto the following scene, this is on the grounds that Dasgupta has sucked you into this dusty and hazardous reality where firearms are terminated first, questions are asked later, and the appropriate responses set aside a long effort to come.

Bard Of Blood Cast:

Hashmi sinks its teeth into the job of a harried man who has been given a character who moves ahead with a piece of heavy emotional baggage. Yet, his limited, estimated execution in Bard of Blood is not normal for what you’ve seen him pull previously. It adds conviction to each edge he is in and whatever he’s doing—presenting Shakespeare to his students, suffocating in blame or battling the baddies.

Dhulipala shows up unengaged in her part and Kumar appears to be confounded by his character and complement. The more finished characters are the cold and ascertaining Pakistani operator Tanvir Shehzad, played pointedly by Jaideep Ahlawat, and the ardent and merciful Jannat, played by Kirti Kulhari. Jannat is the one character that contacts a harmony, and Kulhari gives the passionate string in a general clinical rendering as she delicately passes on the complexities of Jannat’s double life.

Our Thoughts:

The magnificence of Bard of Blood review goes in lies in its uncomplicated storyline. We’ve turned into a brilliant and canny group of spectators nowadays, searching for layers and concealed implications in each scene, each jerk of a character’s face. Be that as it may, this one doesn’t require a lot from the premise, for everything is entirely straight and spread out. Notwithstanding, the scourge of being straight is that, regularly, you can be unsurprising or very predictable.

To the extent pace goes, the turns are well-planned and the arrangement is peppered with enough cliffhanger minutes to keep you put resources into these agents who like to live on the edge. While it’s hard to hold your head over the legislative issues and clashes among different dissident gatherings working in Balochistan — including the Taliban — it’s captivating enough to keep us snared till the end. A couple of scenes in the center may feel tedious, however, hold tight.

Bard of Blood review :

In light of Bilal Siddiqi’s eponymous smash hit, the makers of the show, co-delivered by Shah Rukh Khan’s Red Chillies Entertainment and Gaurav Verma, have worked admirably of ferreting his novel into absorb-able chunks of an engaging watch. The action set pieces — generally hand-to-hand battle and rifles — and the attractive cinematography conveys a need to keep moving and lifts the episodes that have strings of Shakespearean disaster composed on top of it.

So, we complete the Bard of Blood review for you last and important suggestion from my side is:

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