Sony wearable AC- small and powerful product will keep you cool.

Sony wearable ac

Yes, you read it right- Thanks to Sony, they have developed a new kind of Sony wearable AC or Air-conditioner that you can wear with your clothes. As temperatures soar higher than ever before, the idea of a portable, wearable air conditioner that keeps you cool via a smartphone app seems pretty amazing. According to Sony, the idea is shaping into the product now. The Reon pocket, from the company’s start-up acceleration program, is a tiny device that does that.

Sony wearable ac | Reon pocket ac
Image Credits: Sony

The Reon pocket utilizes thermoelectric cooling but Sony says: you can also use it as a heater on winter days. Oh! They really did it for winters too. It can supposedly cool your body temperature by 13 degree Celsius (23 degrees Fahrenheit) and can raise your body’s temperature by about 8 degree Celsius (about 14 degrees Fahrenheit).

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Image Credit: Sony

The Reon Pocket is smaller and lighter like the size of a card wallet and it controlled by your smartphone & it can support Android/iOS devices. One can wear the AC using a special T-shirt. The rechargeable battery of an AC can last for 90 minutes after two hours of charging and uses USB-C.

Sony Wearable ac -3
Reon Pocket AC

The Launch of Sony Wearable AC:

Sony is aiming to launch the Reon Pocket in 2020, just in time of the Tokyo Olympics.


The Reon Pocket project of Sony is a crowd-funded project. So far, the project has received 28,236,670 yen and the target amount is 66,000,000.

The Cost:

The total cost of the Reon Pocket AC is 14,080 yen (Rs. 8992.61) including the t-shirt.  The innerwear for the wearable air conditioner is found in ‘S’, ‘M’ and ‘L’ sizes and is made only for men only.


The wearable AC is not waterproof, but any dirt, sweat, water droplets that stick can be wiped off with a hygroscopic soft cloth. The product is only available in Japan.

Project Info:

Company: Sony
Product Name: Reon pocket
Status: crowdfunding

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