Some Incredible Facts About PUBG game.

  1. PUBG is created by a gamer with ign Playerunknown.

2. A single kar98k bullet (7.62mm) goes downwards after going 300m.

3. “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner” comes from Las Vegas gamblers using this phrase(also can be seen in the movie’21’)

4. No lesser than 50 percent of counter strike global offensive players own PUBG pc version.

5. Pubg mobile is the first game to advertise on India-wide television network (At least I didn’t see any other game advertising my whole life, some other cities may air the ads).

6. level 3 helmet can sustain a headshot from the sniper rifles M24 and kar98k. However, the AWM breaks through it and kills you.

7. There is a title name Pacifist, where you have to literally get no kills and win the whole match to get it.

8. Over 10 million people are ban for cheating in pubg by modding, hacking, etc. (I heard they are planning to have a dedicated server for hackers only, but I think it’s just a hoax).

9. There was initially two versions of the mobile game in China, one comprised of classic mode (named exhilarating battlefield) and the other included arcade version (called army attack). Both are now integrated into the same game.

10. The map Erangel is based on the tragic town of Chernobyl.

11. You can see miramar is Spanish themed. There’s one specific spot where it is graft “El pollo es mio” translating to “The chicken is mine”. It would be great to get the last kill at this spot 😛

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