Popular TV Shows: Breaking Bad vs Game of Thrones which one fared better?

Game of Thrones VS Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones have been 2 of the best T.V shows within recent memory and in associations of their own. Despite the fact that they are somewhat comparable in classification, both being show, yet wrongdoing and dream individually, I don’t think there is any target benchmark to contrast the 2 and declare one with be superior to the next.

Popular TV Shows: Breaking Bad vs Game of Thrones which one fared better?
Game of Thrones 2019

But as a viewer its difficult to ignore the brilliant character arc of Both Protagonists of Breaking Bad leading to a satisfying finale whereas, in Game of Thrones, it was all rushed in the final 2 seasons and definitely ended with more questions, confusions than a conclusion.

Popular TV Shows: Breaking Bad vs Game of Thrones which one fared better?
Breaking Bad series

The difference of Plot b/w Breaking Bad & Game of Thrones

Apart from the fact that both Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad have intricate characters and a fascinating plot involving multiple characters, the narrative pace of breaking bad was furious and twisted, while Game of Thrones kept on adding more plot points which became too difficult for the writers to tie up later.

Character Development in Breaking Bad was right on the money. The character, Walter White (Bryan Cranston), from cancer surviving college professor to being the one who knocks (the pun was inevitable), he goes through multiple significant scenarios which made him a twisted yet caring figure. The 2nd Protagonist, Jesse Pinkman, brilliantly portrayed by Aaron Paul was broken, tormented and yet he was a good guy within. The bond which White and Pinkman shared was rarely taken into a bad light. The love-hate relationship was beautifully captured around various situations where they both escaped, helped and positively changed along the way.

How Game of Thrones went from smooth flow to a rushed ending

On account of GoT, you NEED to know every one of the characters, the houses and monitor each one of those apparently little characters who show up all over for they may say something vigorously later on. Not that the ample scope drama was well weaved and presented till season 6 & was nothing short of shock and awe on screen but it’s the final 2 seasons which created more havoc than conclusions or even a scope to fix it. All the characters are well written and portrayed brilliantly by the entire cast, but the rushed plotlines made the character arcs a bit too intense, less relatable and less cared about.

How Breaking Bad Scored more than Game of Thrones

Presently for the reasons that Breaking Bad did better than Game of Thrones. It is absolutely faring to say that it was executed amazingly from start to finish. It is done and has been expertly constructed. From the beginning till the end it is extraordinary. Game of Thrones started with mind-boggling energy. Every scene was connecting with and very much made through the initial 4 to 5 seasons. The composing was incredible (much obliged, George R. R. Martin).

The opening title arrangement came to be related to an amazing tale going to be told. At that point season, 6 started to float and season 7 lost its spark. As awesome as Beyond the Wall would have been, the charm was lost throughout and the final Season fell absolutely flat on the face. The one moment which stood out in the final season was the Arya Stark Dropping in on Night King and shattering him and ending the great war. This scene was epic but left the audience with more questions about what was the whole Purpose of Night King?

Whereas in the final season of Breaking Bad, it was all about tying up the loose ends effectively. Walter White taking revenge from the gangsters, freeing Jesse Pinkman and subtly poisoning Lydia to close the loop, it was brilliantly executed and showcased. Smallest of details were discussed and shown on the screen with minimal effort and subtle hints were scattered throughout the series.

To cut short, Breaking Bad still stays at top because of a gripping final season and a satisfying finale and Game of Thrones in spite of having an amazing run till season 6 and a couple of brilliant scenes in the final 2 seasons didn’t manage to keep the audience care enough for the characters which they initially did.

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