Mayan Calendar: Reason behind its interpretation for Doomsday

Mayan Calendar and its interpretation on doomsday

Maya Calendar: Origin

The Mayan Calendar is an ancient system of calendars or I should say a collection of several calendars developed in ancient America. This was a system that was developed thousands of years ago in Mayan Civilization. Though it is an ancient system of calendars it is still important in today’s life too. Some regions like Veracruz, Chiapas, and Mexico still follows it. It also has many aspects of calendars used in earlier mesoamerican times.

The Mayan Calendar is truly a testimony and heritage of the Maya culture. The calendar also depicts the relation between the arrival of gods on Earth. It consists of cycles of different lengths that have different meanings.

What are the cycles in Mayan Calendar

The Mayan Calendar consists of cycles which are the main attraction of all historians and researchers. These cycles in itself are calendars and are interrelated in complex patterns. The three most important cycles or counts or calendars are

  1. Long Count: The long cycle corresponds to a longer countable period of time of around 5126 years which starts with the beginning of the world. According to the Mayan Calendar, the world began on August 11 in 3114 BC. In a Mayan Calendar, a day was represented as Kin. Since the long count dates were considered unambiguous, these were primarily used on monuments
  2. Tzolkin: This name is commonly employed by most of the Mayanist researchers for the Maya Sacred Round or 260-day calendar. The word tzolkʼin is a neologism coined in Yucatec Maya, to mean “count of days” (Coe 1992). This calendar consists of 260 days with 20 periods of 13 days each. This calendar was used mainly to determine religious ceremonies for paying tribute to gods
  3. Haab: The Haab cycle or calendar in the Mayan Calendar comprises 18 months and each month is of 20 plus days and an additional five days at the end of a year. The last five days at the end of the year in the Haab calendar are nameless. Those last 5 days at the end of a year were anciently believed to be a dangerous period when the evil spirits had full might and nobody could stop them during this time. Also, the Haab cycle told the Maya people when the should plant and when they should harvest

Mayan Calendar and Doomsday

There is a lot of speculation which many researchers and historians have made from time to time from the Mayan Calendar. Yes, what you are thinking is correct. The speculation of doomsday from Mayan calendar is something which is a long time debatable topic since 2012. Let me tell you why these numbers are so important. whenever there are more natural calamities in a particular year or when humans face a lot of environmental thresholds we often turn to some prophecies, inscriptions, and predictions to just satisfy ourselves or sit with a thought that this might happen in near future without exploring the full facts. Mayan Calendar is one of the ancient preserved heritage which many people have referred to.

There a great buzz when people were speculating about the year 2012 that there will be mass destruction in December 2012 and everything will be finished after the catastrophic events. Now, there can be two reasons, one which was because of the movie 2012 which was based on a series of catastrophic events which leads to the end of life on Earth. But nothing such happened really and we all are alive right. Another speculation which is making circles around some sources is that the world will end on 21st June 2020. But, how much it is true we all do not know.

And most of the time, Mayan Calendar is the tool that is used for these kinds of predictions.

Reason: There are no dates beyond 21st June 2020. Rather I should say that the Julian Cycle in Mayan Calendar starts from 6th September 3114 BCE and ends on 21st June 2020. There is no where written that world will come to an end on 21st June. These are the interpretations of Mayan Calendar and it may be wrong too.

Death is something which is inevitable and none can escape it. But, to predict the same is also something which is not within the boundaries of science.”

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