Loki Series Review: Expanding the horizon of MCU

Loki Series Review

A measured synopsis

Loki is the long-awaited answer to Marvel Fans wait for a new series and a boon to the fandom of this universal favorite. Before starting, the Loki series review we urge you to watch Loki Episode 1. Loki needs a little flashback to get hold of the plot right where The Last Avengers ended. Loki is an extension of the character who graced our screens in the “Last Avengers.”

The Loki Series deals with an advanced take on time travel. Tom Hiddleston who plays the titular role is aspiring to control Asgard, earth, and the nine realms. It is in the very first episode itself that the audience is introduced to the concept of TVA(Time Variance Authority). This episode deals with the story of how TVA came into being, how it functions, and what meaning it holds with the wide population across this timeline. The movie is seen through the lens of Loki who is no more a part of the real world. The change occurs when Mobius played by Owen Wilson decides to use another variant of Loki to channels his mission.

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Loki Series Review | Episode 1 and Episode 2:

Loki is the dreaded villain too is a potential help to Mobius who employs the classic trick of letting one criminal catch another. Loki is seen struggling to remember his past events from a timeline he no longer belongs to. He rushes through a series of flashbacks dealing with his heroic, tragic moments and his mighty death at the hands of the magnanimous Thor.

The show is a seemingly complex take on the concept of alien invasions, time travel, and magical dimensions. Despite the plethora of facts and information stuffed into the first episode, it doesn’t necessarily baffle the audience. Because the man, Loki maintains his unperturbed stance. He rises from somewhere in the Gobi Desert in Mongolia and instead of being lost and confused, he jumps to rock and gets into the skin of a leader. He gives speeches to the natives gathered around him.

Loki Series Poster
Loki Series Poster

After having packed the first episode with a deluge of twists and turns, and revealing to the audience that this Loki is only a variant of the previous one, presently arrested by the TVA authority. The second episode unfolds to review that the Other Loki is out on a mischievous rampage and he is kidnapping and stealing TVA authority and equipment respectively. The episode reveals that we don’t see much change in the character of Loki played by Hiddleston.

Loki is put to use by Mobius and he searches for information regarding the other Loki, the variant that TVA has been looking for, relentlessly. Loki plays the brother to Lord of Thunder Thor and is charmingly brilliant in this Disney+Hot-star series that graces your screens. This series presents to us a never-seen-before demeanor of Loki. We get to see the sea of vulnerabilities hiding behind the character that lusts for power over Asgard and the nine realms. Despite the superhero image of this character, the director goes on to unleash his insecurities, fears, and shortcomings as he ponders on them.

Parting Thoughts On Loki Series Review:

The camera work, sci-fi appendage, and time travel adrenaline rush laden adventure, do very little to actually overpower the scenes of pure acting showcasing Tom Hiddleston and Owen Wilson, talking about the universe and the like. Wilson is intense and grounded, Loki is grandiose, seeped in prove. Their contrasting characters adds depth and balance to the scenes graced by them.

Director Kate Herron unabashedly takes us into a world that though familiar, is completely new to us. He fills the scenes with glorious visuals and keeps stirring the story forward, leaving the audience in a complete dilemma of what is to occur next. Loki, the God of Mischief poses various questions to determination and free will. Despite a constant question of what’s- going- on running inside your head, you will find yourself driven to watch the series, as the layers come off, one after the other.

Loki Episode 3 Release Date:

Loki Episode 3 premieres Wednesday, June 23rd on Disney+

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Loki is an extension of the character who graced our screens in the “Last Avengers.” Read our Loki Series Review for Episodes 1 & 2 to add this to your watch list.

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