Loki Episode 5 Review: Journey into Mystery

Loki Episode 5 Review

Loki episode 5 graced our screens this Wednesday, featuring Tom Hiddleston, Sophia De Martino, Owen Wilson, Richard E. Grant.

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This Loki Episode 5 Review is completely spoiler-free. It is now airing on Disney+ Hotstar for you to enjoy.

Loki Episode 4 Review


As the week-long wait found its harbor, Loki Episode 5th greeted our screens. Surprisingly, it is named Journey into Mystery which was the name of the first Marvel comic to feature either Loki or Thor. As you navigate across the episode, you discover why it was named so and probably find out whether it’s an apt moniker or not.

Loki episode 5 continues expanding the thread of mystery that it rolled out in the 4th episode. There are archetypal scenes synonymous with the Marvel universe as well as some tender moments that keep you glued to the screen.

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The episode kicks off with a shot of the TVA, boldly hinting at how the TVA world has succumbed to mysteries and truths, it never knew existed. Our main man Loki gets to meet several other variants of himself as all the pruned variants are thrown away at an apocalyptic dumping ground. Boastful Loki, Kid Loki, Alligator Loki, and Classic Loki who reminds us of (Avengers: Infinity War)are some of the variants you’ll get to meet in this episode. For the ones, who’ve been ardent fans of the comics as well, these names aren’t a new universe.

The episode further unfolds to show the dynamics between the different variants of Loki and how they don’t really get along well with each other. The episode also reveals Loki fighting a Tempest-like villain and reveals whether he makes it or not. The episode also gives revelations regarding the character of Sylvie and Renslayer who is still a shadowy figure. Renslayer portrays the potential of exploding into something marvelous towards the end of the series.

Loki Episode 5 review:

This episode throws it back to the hints at the chemistry between Loki and Sylvie played by Hiddleston and Sophia De Martino that we witnessed in the previous episodes. These characters are seen engrossed in a lively conversation keeping everything else at bay. It is this human-like character, displayed by both superheroes that the audience finds a connection and roots for relatability. The darkness of the Void is what is seen troubling the TVA in this episode. The Void is apparently the kingdom of the Kid variant of Loki. One of our favorite characters makes his return in this episode and casts his charm as usual.

There are speculations that it is Alioth who is guarding the dark secrets of the TVA. The episode moves on to safely guard the secret behind the TVA, only to further enchant the audience. The audience is also introduced to the TVA mascot miss Tara who is in charge of important files and company information.

Loki played by Hiddleston is as usual charming and a show-stealer. He proves that in the midst of the plethora of Loki Variants that we get to witness, we will still root for him in the barely 5-minute scene that he shares with Sylvie, the chemistry wins our hearts. However; Kid Loki played by Jack Veal and Classic Loki played by Richard E. Grant are notable appearances, who add to the spirit of the show. Richard E. Grant completely justifies why he was chosen for this role

Parting Thoughts on Loki Episode 5 Review:

This visually enchanting episode of Loki is a worthy continuation of the previous episodes. The cinematography is top-notch. This penultimate episode clearly sets the base for the grand finale that is set to rock our worlds very soon.

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Great Cast



Not much of the plot is revealed

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Episode 5

Loki episode 5 graced our screens this Wednesday, featuring Tom Hiddleston, Sophia De Martino, Owen Wilson, Richard E. Grant.

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