Loki Episode 3 Review – an extension of the Marvel Universe.

Loki Episode 3 Review

After having watched the first two episodes of Loki and going gaga over it, I had to wait with bated breath for the episode. Loki, a much-awaited extension of the MCU Horizon came up with its third episode to bedazzle the audiences with. Before going to start Loki Episode 3 Review, The third episode delves deeper into the dynamics between Loki and his other variant. This episode showcases the villain turned hero in an inescapable situation and also brings about an angle of TVA worms to confuse the identity of the time-keepers.

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A loose synopsis of Loki Episode 3 Review:

Loki is seen throwing the duty assigned to him by the TVA to the dogs only to chase the female variant, in the meanwhile unleashing his bisexual tendencies. The female Loki has wreaked havoc on the TVA timeline by bombing it, create branches, and nullifying all the work done by the cops. The fight sequences between Sylvie and Loki are impressively shot with near escapes. Sylvia features on the Marv comics, but not as Loki’s variant. Kate Herron uses this character, endowed with the superpower of enchantment, as portrays her as a lady variant to the main man.

The episode proceeds to unveil how Loki and Sylvie work collectively to start the TemPad Device. This device is out of function and needs both the characters to work together to revive its mechanism. The dynamics between these two characters are electric. They portray an envious camaraderie and also hint at something sexual. Through the chemistry projected by these two presences on the screen, the theme of gender fluidity is expressed by the Director. The plot doesn’t necessarily rush through in this episode. It’s more about how the repertoire between Loki and Sylvia unleashes various subliminal messages in the series.

Lady Loki Episode 3 Review
Lady Loki Episode 3 Review

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Loki Episode 3 Review:

Sylvia played by is unmissable. Her prowess and passion reek through the entire episode. Sophia Di Martino brings her own share of personality to color the character of this variant. She maintains her stance as an edgy character in the midst of intriguing scenes and objectively overpowers Tom Hiddleston, held lovingly by the fans of Marvel Universe. Loki and Sylvie are essentially the two sides of the same coin. The differences and similarities in their personalities are beautifully portrayed by Hiddleston and Martino.

As the two of them work together to escape the apocalyptic moon, the audience gets to see how they are both shadows of each other, however; with their own touches to the remodeling of the variants. Sylvie is similar to Loki in the minutes of moments. She fights like him, has a heart full of pride mimicking Loki’s Hubris. Despite the absence of Owen Wilson, the episode does gather its gravitas. Fans get to witness the coming together of two variants, essentially rooted in the same thing. Sophia Di Martino, charms audiences with her relentless passion on screen.

Parting Thoughts on Loki Episode 3 Review:

This episode 3 does hold answers to various questions previously posed in the minds of the audience. Although it deviates from the main plot, it has a lot to reveal. The action sequences are wonderfully shot, leaving fans at a cliffhanger. The clever use of the color palette involving blue and purple lights works to imply the theme of gender fluidity showcased by the use of a female variant of the male Loki.

The execution and cinematography incorporated into this episode are worth a mention. One is left thinking whether they escape or not. And if they do, do they question the future and their past. The episode also cultivates various other questions of who runs the TVA and with what intent. Despite the slow pace of this episode, it has a pivotal role to play in the way the entire series unfolds.

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Loki Episode 3

After having watched the first two episodes of Loki and going gaga over it, I had to wait with bated breath for the episode. Read our Loki Episode 3 Review here.

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