Judgemental Hai Kya Full Movie Review: Twisted suspense thriller not to be skipped

Judgemental Hai Kya Full Movie Review ElucidateFacts

Judgemental hai kya is a suspense thriller served with a mix of craziness and the dark side of human behavior

Critics Ratings: 3.5/5

Director: Prakash Kovelamudi

Cast: Kangana Ranaut, Rajkumar Rao, Amyra dastur, Jimmy Shergill, Satish Kaushik, Nushrat Bharucha, Mahaakshay Chakraborty, Vikrant Massey,

Judgemental Hai Kya Story:

The movie Judgemental hai kya is about the story of Bobby (Kangana Ranaut) who has been diagnosed with Acute Psychosis in her adult years. The movie starts with Bobby meeting her tenants, a new wed young couple. The romantic life of Bobby’s tenant makes her curious about their relationship and keeps a watch over them. After the murder of the tenant’s wife, Bobby suspects the husband to kill his wife.

Judgemental Hai Kya Review

The movie Judgemental Hai Kya has Kangana Ranaut and Rajkumar Rao in lead roles. Kangana plays the role of Bobby, who is a dubbing artist and has a troubled childhood and developed acute psychosis. She was taken to a mental asylum for assaulting a coworker. After spending some time in the asylum, Bobby is let free upon the condition that she will stick to her medicine. Bobby urf Kangana due to her mental condition goes into the imaginary life and which she believes is real. Bobby also becomes so engrossed in the dubbing character that she believes it to be real and makes the photographer click pictures of her in the attires of roles for which she has dubbed.

For every role she performs dubbing, Bobby becomes obsessed with the character and imagines herself in that role every time. This obsession with Bobby is shown in a very cool and quirky way. To add to the madness element of Bobby, there is also a wall in her house that has all those pictures that she got clicked in dubbed avatars. Bobby craves being an actor which her so-called boyfriend “Varun” played by Husain Dalal is unable to make it for her.

Then enters a young couple Keshav and Rima (Rajkumar Rao and Amyra Dastur) who are very much in love with each other. Bobby becomes curious about the couple and often found keeping an eye over them. Bobby often finds Keshav smoking and roaming around in the middle of the night and suspects him. Bobby wakes up at night with a torch and knife in her hand fearing that someone might kill her.

The couple’s romanticism makes Bobby desire intimacy and she asks Varun for a hookup in a resort. This behavior of Bobby is shown in a very funny and innocent way when she asks Varun to have sex with her on resort saying “Mera sex karne ka mood resort me hi banta hai”. Coincidently Keshav and Rima were also going to the same resort. Maybe Bobby knew it from before?

Just after the return a murder takes place, when Kangana was returning after visiting her Grandfather she finds flames coming out of her house and Keshav (Rajkumar Rao) was walking with a corpse. The dead body was of Rima. Bobby is taken aback and she thinks Keshav to be the culprit.

Judgemental Hai Kya Cast Performances

The performances of characters in the movie are at par with Kangana as Bobby does a perfect job while Rajkumar Rao does his parts as Keshav and Shravan with full judgment. The overall narrative style of director Prakash Kovelamudi is totally quirky and anxious. People will find themselves empathetic with the character of Bobby. There are moments in the movie where one will be confused about the culprit of Rima’s murder. Sometimes we will find Bobby the murderer to become close to Keshav and sometimes we would and at the same time would think that Bobby is not a safe person to have at the home.

Of course, anybody of us would not want to be harmed by the over psychotic behavior of anyone at our home or anywhere around us. But does being a psycho person make them a culprit of everything which goes wrong?

The movie ends with a strong message that we should not give up or run away from our fears. Instead, we should hold ourselves strong in front of the negativities, crime and demolish them. Bobby does it, she comes out strong no matter in what avatar, and saves her cousin sister from the evil desires of her husband Shravan Kumar (also played by Rajkumar Rao)

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Review Overview

The movie ends with a strong message that we should not give up or run away from our fears. Instead, we should hold ourselves strong in front of the negativities, crime and demolish them.

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