Jagame Thandhiram Movie Review

Jagame Thanthiram Movie Review

The latest release on Netflix India, Our Jagame Thandhiram Movie Review started with some interesting points. I was introduced to the sheer brilliance and deft acting prowess of Dhanush by Anand’s L Rai’s, Raanjhanaa. And the rest is history. His latest artistic rampage on the screen was director Kartik Subbaraj’s Jagame Thandiram.

A measured synopsis

The movie builds up to reveal the age-old dilemma between good and evil; the discretionary powers of the human psyche. Dhanush plays the role of Suruli. For this masala action blockbuster, way out of the league of movies Dhanush usually participates in, he gets into the skin of a man with no moral awakening. Suruli is devoid of an iota of guilt. He finishes everything that poses any obstacle on his way of achievement. Somewhere within the course of the film, his moral compass awakens and points towards guilt and redemption.

Dhanush movie begins with pumping bullets into a man, off to his wedding. The bridegroom’s answer differentiating ‘betrothal’ from ‘ consummation does not satiate him, and Suruli decides his fate. Dhanush plays the Anti-Hero defined by Aristotle. The movie is a coming of age story of a man with his conscience thrown out of the window. Jagame Thandiram draws the trajectory of the protagonist from being a goon, bashing blood and bile out of people to suddenly becoming aware of the cause of Tamilian refugees, in the cradle of a new found good conscience.

The unexpected change in this miniature gangster greets cinegoers when he travels to London. The London world is teeming with the battle between Peter, a native and a group of Tamilian refugees who’ve surpassed him in the trade of arms and explosives. The movie further unfolds to clarify the dilemma breathing in Suruli’s mind. What does he choose- a friendship with Peter, where money is no big concern or the cause of the Tamilian refugees, hugely contrary to the impoverished conscience of Suruli.

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The positive highlights of Jagame Thandhiram Movie Review:

The ever effervescent Dhanush, otherwise very shy off the stage, packs this character with utmost believability and finesse. He dances, cries, and knocks out anyone who is a potential rebel to his ideas. His life in London revolves around a conflict that puts him to test. He is objectively the heart of the film. Sivadoss, played effectively by Joju George delivers a solid performance.

Jagame Thandhiram Movie Review
Jagame Thandhiram stills from Netflix

He headlines the immigrant community and shoulders the tactful responsibility of letting them survive in the political air of London. Peter Cosmo gets into the cloak of a xenophobic man who is at loggerheads with Sivadoss and does the unthinkable to regain his power. He impersonates the virtue-less, proud British citizen with utmost realism.

Kartik Subbaraj’s perennial inspiration rooted in movies from Hollywood is evident in the way this action thriller takes on the highway of good and evil. He maintains the homely halo of Suruli’s homeland and the international fervor of the London picture. Shreyas Krishna captures true to life, beautiful frames to tell the tale of home and the world. He captures the rage and unbounded force in Suruli as he roughs up men in his neighborhood and also the presence of power dynamics with mere rotation of the camera.  Santhosh Narayanan’s music captures the essence of the film and deserves all attention.

Dhanush, Aishwarya Lekshmi in Jagame Thanthiram Movie HD Images

Parting thoughts | Jagame Thandhiram Movie Review:

The movie unleashes the action hero( or anti-hero) in Dhanush. However; the 158-minute film lacks adhesion. The plot moves haywire. The local gangster bashing up folks follows a smooth track. But the war between ideologies located in a foreign country does not appropriately fit into the narrative. The movie struggles to keep its various themes tied together. The film lacks gravitas and ends up with the feeling of trying to fit too many issues within a small space. But our man Dhanush, shines through, despite the shortcomings.

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