Interception Advertising – One rare technique every marketer should know

interception Advertising

Volvo’s execution of Interception advertising

A few years ago, Volvo executed one of the most interesting and engaging campaigns on Twitter. When it comes to competing with brands like BMW and Mercedes, a generic ad would not have served the purpose and the outcome that Volvo was expecting. This was the time when Volvo had to step out of the traditional norms and try something which was out of the box, to say the least. Watch “The Greatest Interception Ever” here.

Why Interception Advertising could work?

Despite the fact that it has been some years since this mission was completed, the way that Volvo utilized Twitter to permit shoppers to select others to win rather than themselves, was a splendid utilization of social media. The outcomes that the mission conveyed from a social point of view represent themselves.

There’s likewise a long way to go from Volvo’s Interception however we accept that one of the key takeaways is to consistently watch out for what your rivals are doing. This doesn’t mean you need to coordinate them as far as a financial incentive for promotion space as this mission from Volvo has made that statement more than ever.

By taking a more profound, more idea-driven cycle to check whether there are opportunities or not you could hop on the bandwagon that could genuinely pay off with the correct imagination and opportunity.

Interception Advertising - One rare technique every marketer should know 1
A strategy that is not common among marketers!

Why is it not popular among marketers?

This type of advertising or promotions may or may not work all the time, well that’s the case in general with all campaigns. There are a few reasons why this technique is still not being implemented by most marketers

– First being the term ‘interception advertising’ that has a hideous tone to it & it could take away interest or set of approvals which a marketer needs to have to implement a strategy
– Second being the awareness regarding this type of campaign. A lot of organizations have implemented it sometime or the other and avoided the term ‘interception’
– Third is about the planning and execution of the campaign. The timing, in this case, is the most crucial thing that could yield the best results

How should a marketer involve Interception Advertising in their marketing plan?

The planning needs to be intricate and courageous. The integration needs to be seamless where it’s close to unnoticeable. The right platforms with the right forms of communications should be kept in place. In Volvo’s case, it was Twitter, whereas for other organizations it could be something else.

For example, a fashion brand could plan the strategy around Instagram with specific branded and medium competition hashtags, and a giveaway no one is expecting. A food and beverage brand could target the audience in a different way, similarly, it can work differently for an electronics company.

Interception Advertising gives you an additional chance of going viral given all falls into place, but its a must for all marketers to at least give it a thought!

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