Grahan Web series Review: Perfect Correlation of past with the present.

grahan web series review

Grahan Web series Review: Recently Hotstar showcases seven hours long well-written masterpiece in mid-2021. Let’s roll to the important aspect of Grahan.


Grahan, which is the Hindi translation of the English eclipse, prompts a sense of foreboding or ill luck. It is based on Satya Vyas’ novel Chaurasi. Impressed by the name and source of the series, I decided to go for it. It tells the tale of 2 different worlds separated by 30 years. The story unfolds to present us with IPS officer Amrita Singh played by Zoya Hussain, posted at Ranchi, who finds herself getting involved in the murder case of a journalist. As luck has it, this high-profile murder case being investigated was not something the politicians approved of.

While she is on the verge of resigning, she is asked to investigate an old case of the Anti-Sikh Riots in Bokaro. What she discovers, devastates her world. She finds herself being at crossroads. The crux of this story is situated in the affair of Rishi and Manu, nursed in the lap of the time of India’s then Prime Nm minister, Indira Gandhi’s Assassination. This led to violent riots. A group creating mayhem in Bokaro, burnt down the house of Manu. It was apparently headed by Rishi.

The Grahan Web series explores the love of a daughter and the life between two star-crossed lovers. The episodes unfurl to explain the subtle nuances of casteism, sexism, and other problems prevalent in society. It encapsulates the entire trajectory of individuals whose lives are full circles.

grahan web series review
Grahan Web series Poster

Grahan Web series Review

The characters are well placed and well played too. Anshuman Pushkar and Wamika Qabbi who play Rishi and Manu, respectively, bring out the subtleties of a romance brewing in a relatively small town. They add finesse and nuance to their deliveries of performances. Zoya nails her role.

Zoya, who earlier impressed us with her performance in Mukkabaaz is definitely a stealer. The supporting role by Sahidur Rahman falls short of words and is a brilliant portrayal.  Her walk, presence, and demeanor have everything that her character required.

Pagan Malhotra who plays her father, delivers a solid performance too. Pavan essays out a subtle and subdued character throughout. It is only in the courtroom scene in one of the later episodes that we get to see an emotional outburst in him  and a new layer to his character.

Ranjan Chandel captures the essence of a small town, diagonally opposite to that of a courtroom. He presents both surroundings with exceptional brilliance. The portrayal of the 1984 Anti-Sikh riots by Chandel shows his depth and detailed study of his subject matter. Navjot Gulati, Prateek Payodhi, and Vibha Singh pen down the film with absolute merit. The setting of the two eras is on point and perfectly captured in their writing. Amir Trivedi’s music will make you hum along with them and is one of the many takeaways from the series.

Kamaljeet Negi’s cinematography plays a pivotal role in bringing the different eras alive in front of us. The frames are convincing and true to life. Grahan carries forward the message that one wrong piece of information can spread like wildfire and destroy several worlds in a single day. It sheds light on the importance of responsibility while passing on any information. Political manipulation and the role of mass media as a catalyst is what I’m battling against Zoya, who wishes to and works for setting things right is pushed aside and finds herself in the midst of a personal crisis.

Parting thoughts

The editing of certain scenes lacks precision and makes one feel as if certain scenes weren’t necessary. Above everything, Grahan is an important series. It is engaging and has the best actors telling you the story. If you are bored of watching the same old masala films and are in need of a masterpiece which answers some important issues, you should go for this one. We love to give 4/5 to our Grahan web series Review here.

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Grahan Web series Review: Recently Hotstar showcases seven hours long well-written masterpiece in mid-2021. Let's roll to the important aspect of Grahan.

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