Feels like Ishq Review

Feels like Ishq Review

One of the perkiest Netflix short movies Feels like Ishq review is here to add a fun element for your weekend. Feels like Ishq on Netflix explores the terrain of young, blossoming love. It ranges from bringing onto celluloid the charms of teenage love to the challenges faced by young adults. Feels like Ishq is sure to throw you in the midst of a whirlpool that has people on either side of the pole and struggling for a space of sweetness and self-awareness. The young men and women paving their way through this anthology find their commonness and embark upon discovery of the self.

Feels Like Ishq Review:

Feels like Ishq Web series on Netflix is all things millennial and cosmopolitan. The first story called Save the Dayte starring Radhika Madan and Amol Parashar is straight out of the world of Instagram. This story is written by Monisha Thyagrajan and directed by Ruchir Arun, a runaway bride, and her wedding planner. Radhika Madan, in this latest web series on Netflix, is appealing as the young spirited whose own wedding freaks her out. Parashar breezes in the right amount of detachment and conviction required for his character.

Quaranteen Crush is probably the most relatable of all stories in Feels like the Ishq Web series. Written by Tahira Kashyap, this story oozes sweetness and would remind you of those Cadbury ads we grew up watching. As the name suggests, this story is about two teenagers caught in the desolate world of the pandemic. They bond over music and yet are troubled by the omnipresent sense of loneliness that resonates with all those who inhabit this pandemic-struck world. Minor Ahuja and Kajol Chugh display the required amount of teenage fuzziness and tougher realizations as life plods on.

Star Host is about a young girl dealing with the toxicity of an overtly controlling partner. The story follows her journey that she takes alone. This solo trip makes her love life like never before. In the madcap world of hashtags and selfies, captures every moment that she thinks is beautiful. A boy, with a dream to witness the Northern Lights is her unexpected companion. They discover the loopholes of their city-ridden lives and personal relationships and this story stands out for me.

Rohit Saraf and Simraj Jehani in this latest web series on Netflix are relatable and render simplicity to their roles. Written by Saurabh George Swamy and directed by Anand Tiwari, Star Host will make you feel it’s a slice of your life upheld on celluloid.

“She loves me she loves me not” is an easy breezy take on a homosexual love story that struts along with the world of the internet again. At one point, in this latest web series on Netflix, the audience feels to be in the midst of a laptop screen. The young girl who discovers that the woman she is smitten by is gay too, sparks ecstasy in her mind. This story directed by Danish Aslam and written by Sulagna Chatterjee falls short of the charm owing to its haywire dialogues. Saba Azad and Sanjeeta Bhattacharyya are undeniably charming and remarkable in their parts.

Ishq Mastaana starring Tanya Maniktala and Skand Thakur is directed by Jaydeep Sarkar and Jaydeep and Shubhra Chatterjee, who takes you into the world of love amidst a world of anguish breathing in young hearts. Feels like the Ishq web series narrates its tale of love and activism through this story. Interview starring Family Man fame Neeraj Madhav and Zayn Marie is a living breathing testimony to the cosmopolitan air of Mumbai-the city of dreams. Through this latest web series on Netflix, Aarti Raval tries to punch in the everyday struggle of commoners in the world of Mumbai, with glitz and glamour towering over the starving underbelly. The leads play sincere parts.

Feels like Ishq review: to watch or not

Feels like Ishq Web series on Netflix will leave you feeling a sense of sweetness and provably a trip down the nostalgia lane of old love. It makes for a good weekend watch.

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Feels Like Ishq TvShow

Feels like Ishq, the title itself catches the attention of millennials, redefining the angles of love and its search. The story reels around the profound theories of finding someone special and what do we feel about them. It is a soothing short flick for the youth.

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