Cold Case Movie Review

Cold Case Movie Review

Before starting the Cold Case Movie review, don’t forget the movie trailer bagged 54K like on Youtube uploaded by Amazon Prime Video Official Youtube channel. You need to invest your 2 hours 20 min screenplay time to witness an investigative crime thriller movie.


Cold Case is the new amazon prime latest movie that you need to watch this week. It is an Indian Malayalam-language crime thriller. It stars Prithviraj and Aditi Balan in the lead roles. Cold case pivots around the capital city of Kerala, Trivandrum, where a murder takes place.
Lakshmi Priyaa Chandramouli, Suchitra Pillai, and Athmeeya Rajan are also a significant part of the cast of Cold case in prominent roles. Moreover, two debutants in the Malayalam movie are just out on Amazon Prime: Tanu Balak’s directorial proclamation and Prithviraj Sukumaran’s pioneer OTT launching.

Cold Case begins with a few men from two different faiths trying to exorcise ghosts from a lady and a touch boy in two different cases. But the most narrative kicks off when fisher nets a bag containing a skull. What’s the large deal in this; dozens are found over the years. But during this case, a “special investigative team” is made to urge the rock bottom of the skull mystery. Assistant Commissioner of Police Satyajit is asked to steer the probe. Essayed by Prithviraj Sukumaran. Hooked into arising nattily in impeccable attire, his hair always neatly brushed, he could be on a catwalk modeling instead of getting his teeth into the mystifying shooting up of a skull.

At the opposite end of the narrative is an investigative journalist, Medha (Aditi Balan), one parent, mother of a daughter, who is forever stuck to her doll (and we now realize that we were entering the supernatural terrain). Then there’s an old refrigerator that came with Medha’s new rented flat, and it plays a pivotal role.
Adding to the present hotchpotch may be a woman, presumably blind with sunglasses, who can sense spirits roaming the earth; they’re in no hurry to travel away, for they need been wronged and died unnatural deaths. They need to teach those responsible a tough lesson.

Cold Case Movie Review:

Prithviraj Sukumaran stater could also be an honest investigative-horror thriller that emerges as a fairly engaging watch. Any more expectations from the movie would lead to disappointment. The essential plot has almost everything — right from a few attempted twists to investigation scenes — that one would expect from a thriller. The premise, however, fails to make an impact because of the half-baked screenplay. While the manufacturers do their best to ensure that the two blends, the internet result’s anything but appealing.

According to the Cold Case Amazon Prime review, the new movie begins with a couple of obvious and monotonous scenes that make no impression. The first hour tries to make the film’s universe, introducing the viewers to the foremost characters. But it is wrecked by predictable twists and clichés. The sequence involving Suchitra Pillai’s interaction with the ‘presence’ could also be a case in point.

A film with thriller elements can hit the right notes as long because it features an efficient climax. Drishyam, as an example, worked mainly thanks to the massive reveal towards the highest. It gave a sense of discernment to George Kutty’s character, making it easier for the audience to root for him. This is often exactly where Cold Case falters. In contrast, the second hour could also be a marked improvement over the first one. The twist towards the highest lacks shock value.

Final Takeway:

A new movie on Amazon Prime has a screenplay filled with errors that ruin the interest of the audience within the movie. The puzzles are too easy to unravel, and narrative errors are so depressingly silly to forgive. We are treated to camera movements, which have no meaning and do nothing to improve a mediocre story as the scenes jump from one to another without making any sense.

Cold Case movie rating suggests that it is an immensely amateurish experiment with a stumblingly written script that wastes the potential of the talented cast. He might be an honest actor but has been transformed into a robotic-run-of-the-mill man. The lead actress makes no impression, and her acting conveys no anxiety or fear even when she faces frightening moments. And these are so cliched: lights that explode and on, and therefore the director’s efforts to jump-start us.

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Cold Case Movie

Before starting the Cold Case Movie review, don't forget the movie trailer bagged 54K like on Youtube uploaded by Amazon Prime Video Official Youtube channel. You need to invest your 2 hours 20 min screenplay time to witness an investigative crime thriller movie.

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