Chhichhore Full Movie Review: A good message for youth

Chhichhore full movie review

Critics Ratings: 4/5

Main Cast: Shraddha Kapoor, Sushant Singh Rajput, Varun Sharma, Naveen Polishetty, Prateik Babbar, Tushar Pandey, Tahir Bhasin, Mohammad Samad, Saharsh Kumar Shukla

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Chhichhore full movie review

Chhichhore is a comedy-drama film directed by Nitish Tiwari which got released last Friday in theatres. The movie has gained a good response from the public in a short span of time and is declared a hit from many sources. Viewers have liked the work of the actors, and the story. The dialogues are super laughable, and one is sure to laugh their head off. If you have lived a hostel life at any point in time or living in a residential college or university you will surely get flashbacks of hostel life and college friends while watching the film.

Chhichhore full movie review

The story

The film Chhichhore starts from a hostel scene of an engineering college. The entire story is centered around the life of Anirudh urf Anni played by Sushant Singh Rajput, Maya played by Shraddha, and their son Raghav played by Mohammad Samad. The movie runs in flashbacks narrating the entire hostel life of Anirudh and his friend’s circle. Later the movie starts with Sushant Sing Rajput as a father of Raghav. Raghav has just completed his class XII board examinations and has appeared for the JEE.

Rahav becomes very anxious about his results thinking that he might not get selected as the papers were easy and his performance might be average. Finding the results that he is not selected for the JEE to get through the best engineering colleges in India he is disheartened and depressed. Fearing, that he will be called a loser by everyone and mocked that being a son of meritorious parents he could not clear the JEE in one attempt he attempts to commit suicide.

Chhichhore movie star cast

The movie has all the elements of a perfect Bollywood drama film with a strong message to ignite and elucidate the youth of India. The film starts with a hostel scene where Sexa urf Varun Sharma is seen almost naked in boxers going to Anni’s (Sushant Singh Rajput) room with a bucket. Sexa had planned to throw water on his friend Anni for the next day’s exam on quantum physics. Unfortunately, Anni turns out to spoil his friend Sexa’s plan of throwing water on him and instead throws it on Sexa. Thereafter, the entire hostel becomes a part of this gunfight and throws water on each other celebrating it like a festival.

Sushant Sing Rajput

The character is well written and played by the actor. Sushant is portrayed as a successful businessman and a loving father. Sushant is saddened by the fact that soon his son Raghav would go away from home for studies as he aspires to join an engineering college and will have to stay in the hostel. He is started and feels extremely sad hearing the news of his son Raghav attempting suicide. He narrates the entire story of his hostel life to his son who is in serious condition.

Varun Sharma

Varun Sharma as Sexa has done a great job in the movie. The timing and his dialogues are enough to make you go laugh carelessly in the cinema hall. The dialogues are very much adult comedy. The entire Chhichhore movie full will be incomplete with mentioning Varun Sharma’s role.

Audience reviews of Chhichhore

After watching the film Chhichhore the positive audience reviews began to rain all over social media. It is very obvious, as you will not at all feel being dragged through the entire story. The movie is not at all boring and has a captivating storyline with brilliant narration. In the end, the movie gives a very positive message to the youths as well as the parents. We should never let the feeling of being a loser come into our minds anytime.

No matter what situation we are in we should not leave hope and keep trying. Suicide attempts have increased over the years due to academic pressure. It is also important to give students some sort of mental relaxation so that they can cope with the pressure of competitive exams. Since India has the largest population of students and youth, it is important that they should not resort to committing suicide.

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Movie Review

After watching the film Chhichhore the positive audience reviews began to rain all over social media. It is very obvious, as you will not at all feel being dragged through the entire story.

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