Who is Carryminati: Why his Youtube vs TikTok video is Trending?

Carryminati | Youtube vs Tiktok

On Saturday, Carryminati posts a roast Youtube vs Tiktok video on his youtube channel and it’s top the charts in just a few hours.

Who is Carryminati?

Ajay Nagar popularly known as Carryminati is an Indian YouTuber and streamer from Faridabad. carryminati, known for his comic skills and reactions on top online topics on his channel has over 14 million subscribers on youtube as of May 2020. The reason why we all are hearing about Carryminati frequently these days is due to his recent record-breaking youtube video. The video above has become so viral that it has outplayed many records on youtube.

The online world is going mad and crazy after watching Carryminati roasted some popular TikTokers and one specifically namely Amir Siddique. Since then the video has been roaring on every youtube lovers mobile phones and fans is going crazy. There is a tsunami of memes on the internet praising Caryminati’s roasting video on Amir Siddique.

Youtube vs TikTok why it is so trending?

Youtube vs TikTok has recently gained a lot of heeds which also can be attributed to the growing fan following at both platforms. Youtube has been the best place to find good quality videos and live streaming. Many YouTubers are loved and followed and fans never happen to miss their new releases. Even I am a great fan of Ashish Chanchlani and Bhuvan Bam. In comparison to youtube, I personally believe TikTok videos lack the dedication and content which YouTubers bring to screen. Still, some TikTokers have managed to gain a great fan following. If you are a youtube follower you must have also watched TikTok videos.

Carryminati Roast Videos

Carryminati roast videos are one of its kind in youtube roast videos. He releases his reaction videos on the latest trending topics and adds his humor to it. He has done a lot of roast videos for various other YouTubers and popular tv shows like BigBoss. Let me make it clear all his videos are only made for fun and not to humiliate any person or public figure which he himself usually clears. If you like watching roast videos you should go to see his popular youtube videos. They are worth watching.

Youtube vs Tiktok by Carryminati

Whether you are a Tiktok fan or a youtube fan you must check out youtube vs TikTok roast by Carryminati. I still want to know why? Well, let me list out the reasons and records which this 12 min video has broken on the internet in just a span of 2 days.

  1. Fastest Indian video to reach 1 million followers (2 hours)
  2. Fastest Indian video to reach 2M, 3M, 4M & 5M likes in just 5 hours
  3. Most liked Indian video in first 24 hours i.e. 5.2 million
  4. 2nd most liked video in the world in the first 24 hours which is 5.2 million
  5. 4th most liked Indian video on youtube
  6. 2nd most commented Indian video on youtube which is 600 thousand plus
  7. Most comments on a youtube video in the first 24 hours which comes to 451 thousand plus and still counting
  8. The highest number of subscribers gained in 24 hours which is 1.3 million worldwide

Why Carryminati’s Youtube vs Tiktok is a must watch?

Did not find the above reasons enough to get your search done or click to the video link, trust us you are going to miss the most entertaining roast of Carryminati. Usually, people do not go and watch roast videos because not all can bring up that humor and class which Carryminati is capable of. Frankly saying not everyone had known about Carryminati before this video went so viral and everyone started buzzing around his name. If you want more interesting facts than subscribe us here .

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