ARTICLE 15 – Lets be Indians Firstly and Lastly

Article 15

Movie Review: Article 15

Cast: Ayushman Khurana, Manoj Pahwa, Kumud Mishra, Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub, Ashish Verma, Sayani Gupta, Isha Talwar, Naseer

Director: Abhinav Sinha

Background plot of Article 15

Article 15, a film based on the socio-economic-political situation in rural India particularly in parts of UP. The movie released on 28th June 2019 has been gathering praises from the viewers for the acting, screenplay, dialogues, and cast. The film is directed by Abhinav Sinha whose last directed movie Mulk was a low-budget movie but did fair on the box office.

The Start

To start with the pick points, the movie has a lot of moments where the audience would be blown away and at the same time feel pity for the condition of lower castes i.e Dalits or Untouchables. The movie Article 15 hits a hard blow to the so-called age-old caste system-driven Indian society. There are scenes where one can see the harsh realities of a caste-driven divided society where people of upper castes such as Brahmins treat them as people of other planets by not eating their touched food, not sitting next to them.

Social issues brought to light by Article 15

Articles 15 score high on portraying the prevalent political scenario of the country and its dependency on the caste. Scenes where the untouchables or Dalits are not offered drinking water in glasses when they come to the house of Ayan, an IPS officer. Also, a scene where a sewage cleaner who is a Dalit by caste comes out of a manhole is fully covered with lumps of wastes that clogged the drains is enough to send chills to your spine.

In another scene, a suspect admits of beating up three girls for demanding a hike of just 3 rupees and adding a sourness by saying that ” Yahi inki Aukaad hai jo hum inhe dete hai aur humari bhi jo hume milta hai “.

The Terrible state of Untouchable the Dalits as shown in Article 15

Article 15 not only focuses on the discrimination of untouchables for their rights but also for the treacherous torture on their family by the police. Article 15 also brings to light the negligence of police in safeguarding the limited interests of these untouchables and also not allowing their superiors to do justice to them by saying “Ye log aise hi hai!!”

Ayushman’s role in Article 15

Article 15 is a long-awaited film of actor Ayushman Khurrana who is known for his vulnerable acting skills and fans just do not want to miss his movies. Ayushman plays the role of a young dynamic newly appointed IPS officer Ayan Ranjan who is posted for his maiden duty in Lalgaon a small town in UP. Ayan Ranjan portrays the character of a well educated, urban Indian – idealistic, responsible, empathetic, honest yet uninformed about the real picture of his beloved country.

Horrific Badaun Case a black spot on the treatment of Dalits

The film is inspired by the true events of a horrific bad case that took place in 2014. Back then two bodies of young Dalit girls were found hanging from the branch of a tree. The police find the family members guilty of this heinous crime of hanging their daughters for their odd sexual orientations. Later it is discovered that the girls were not hanged by the family members for the above-mentioned reasons but rather were raped, murdered, and hanged up.

The funny part of the movie

However, the movie entirely does not contain all throughout only seriousness and violence. These moments of laughter too in the movie Article 15. There are times when actor Ayushman Khurrana urf Ayan Ranjan asked his juniors about their caste’s just to know how did they vote. You will definitely laugh out your heart to see how an officer simply does not understands the English Ayan speaks. Ayushman enquires from his juniors about their caste’s just to know that there is a hierarchy even in the lower castes.

The director Abhinav and coworker have truly crafted out a strong sense of darkness and violence that roams around every corner of the town Lalgaon. Thus Article 15 is a powerful movie that breaks the boundary of atrocities of Indian society. A film that will surely shake you and does full justice to its tone. Don’t miss it out, folks. I give a 4 out of 5 stars.

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Review Overview
Article 15 Movie

Article 15 is a powerful movie throwing light on the miserable life of Dalits the untouchables who are many times denied the minimum rights as a citizen of India.

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